Realms Beyond 45

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                == RB45 ==
Server url:
Mod archive: RtR_4.1.0.10 (This Zip file should always contain the version which is active on the server. It might be differ from the version provided by Krill in this thread if he updates in the future…)

Krill's mod development thread for RtR

Settings, etc: RB45 Tech thread

General thread for server issues: Click

Fix for unblocking of other players and faster login: Tiny modifications of Civ4:BTS itself

player summary

2 GeneralKilCavalryBismarckViking Empire45offline
0 Magic ScienceKublai KhanBabylonian Empire45offline
5 naufragarAlexanderJapanese Empire44offline
3 superdeathSuryavarman IIKorean Empire44offline
* 4 BorscheMehmed IIFAT Empire39offline
1 Mr. CairoWillem van OranjeChinese Empire39offline

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 3:18 p.m.

    08/23/2019 13:55:4616Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 13:55:4616Borschefinished turn
    08/23/2019 13:55:1516superdeathscore increased to 44 (+5)
    08/23/2019 13:55:1516-a new turn has begun. It is now 3360 BC
    08/23/2019 13:54:4515Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 13:47:1215Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 13:47:0215Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 13:38:5915Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 13:38:4915Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 13:36:3815Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 13:36:2715Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 09:41:3515Magic Sciencelogged out
    08/23/2019 09:41:3515Magic Sciencefinished turn
    08/23/2019 09:34:5915Magic Sciencelogged in
    08/23/2019 07:23:0815GeneralKilCavalrylogged out
    08/23/2019 07:21:3715GeneralKilCavalryfinished turn
    08/23/2019 06:43:5515GeneralKilCavalrylogged in
    08/23/2019 03:34:4115superdeathlogged out
    08/23/2019 03:34:1115superdeathfinished turn
    08/23/2019 03:33:2015superdeathlogged in
    08/23/2019 02:59:3715Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 02:59:0715Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 02:13:3915Mr. Cairologged out
    08/23/2019 02:13:3915Mr. Cairofinished turn
    08/23/2019 02:12:5815Mr. Cairologged in
    08/23/2019 02:12:0815naufragarlogged out
    08/23/2019 02:11:1715naufragarfinished turn
    08/23/2019 02:08:5415naufragarlogged in
    08/23/2019 00:59:5715Borschelogged out
    08/23/2019 00:59:4715Borschelogged in
    08/23/2019 00:59:4715Krillchanged name to Borsche
    08/22/2019 20:24:5715Krilllogged out
    08/22/2019 20:21:1315-a new turn has begun. It is now 3400 BC