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                Private game for caps and friends.

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* 3 CardioLeoWashingtonAztec Empire130unclaimed
* 1 bassicallybossHuayna CapacIncan Empire145offline
* 5 FrederickFrederickKhmer Empire124unclaimed
0 capsWillem van OranjeMaya Empire140offline
* 2 Sierra Gulf 2Genghis KhanSpanish Empire100offline
* 4 Sitting BullSitting BullViking Empire152unclaimed

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 10:44 p.m.

    07/14/202132Genghis Khanlogged out
    07/14/202132Genghis Khanlogged in
    07/13/202132Huayna Capaclogged out
    07/13/202132Huayna Capacfinished turn
    07/13/202132Huayna Capaclogged in
    07/11/202132Genghis Khanlogged out
    07/11/202132Genghis Khanfinished turn
    07/11/202132Sitting Bullscore increased to 152 (+13)
    07/11/202132-a new turn has begun. It is now 2080 BC
    07/11/202131Genghis Khanlogged in
    07/11/202131Willem van Oranjelogged out
    07/11/202131Willem van Oranjelogged in
    07/10/202131Huayna Capaclogged out
    07/10/202131Huayna Capaclogged in
    07/09/202131Willem van Oranjelogged out
    07/09/202131Willem van Oranjefinished turn
    07/09/202131Willem van Oranjelogged in
    07/08/202131Huayna Capaclogged out
    07/08/202131Huayna Capacfinished turn
    07/08/202131Willem van Oranjescore increased to 140 (+6)
    07/08/202131-a new turn has begun. It is now 2140 BC