Realms Beyond 67

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                Pitboss 67

=== Connection details ===
Server url:, No password
Join over the 'Multiplayer > Direct IP' panel in the game.

=== Mod links === This game runs with a mod named RB67. The name is selected to avoid confusions about mod version numbers. Currently it is identical to CloseToHome_3.0.2. Download: RB67

Note about updates: If we will update the mod later, you can download the new version here.

=== Mod folder === Extract the zip archives of mods always into following folder
[…]\Beyond the Sword\Mods\ (Steam-free version) or
[…]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods (Steam version)

=== Game start with mod === Do not select the mod after the startup in the ingame menu, but directly start the game with the desired modification. (Otherwise the wrapper, see below, will not work as expected. For this you need to create a shortcut (right mouse click on the binary) and then changing the target field of this shortcut to

"[…]\Beyond the Sword\BTS_Wrapper.exe" mod= "RB67" or "[…]\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe" mod="RB67"

========= Tools =========

See PBSpy page for RB64

player summary

* 2 GingerHuayna CapacIndian Civilization218offline
* 5 CharriuPericlesMusica Empire203offline
1 MjmdDarius IMu Empire195offline
0 SuperdeathLieu-YeSheepGate186offline
4 TarkeelRooseveltTabletop Empire186offline
* 3 BINGCyrusNeijuan Empire161offline

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 1:29 p.m.

    12/26/202270-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    12/11/202270Pericleslogged out
    12/11/202270Pericleslogged in
    12/10/202270-pause activated by superdeath
    12/10/202270-current turn timer changed by +116h 59m to 130h 13m.
    12/09/202270Cyruslogged out
    12/09/202270Cyrusfinished turn
    12/09/202270Cyruslogged in
    12/09/202270Pericleslogged out
    12/09/202270Periclesfinished turn
    12/09/202270Pericleslogged in
    12/09/202270Huayna Capaclogged out
    12/09/202270Huayna Capacfinished turn
    12/09/202270Periclesscore increased to 203 (+8)
    12/09/202270Huayna Capacscore increased to 218 (+54)
    12/09/202270Darius Iscore increased to 195 (+12)
    12/09/202270Lieu-Yescore increased to 186 (+8)
    12/09/202270-a new turn has begun. It is now 1200 BC
    12/09/202269Huayna Capaclogged in
    12/09/202269Rooseveltlogged out
    12/09/202269Rooseveltfinished turn
    12/09/202269Rooseveltlogged in
    12/09/202269Darius Ilogged out
    12/09/202269Darius Ilogged in
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yelogged out
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yefinished turn
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yescore decreased to 178 (-4)
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yelogged in
    12/09/202269Cyruslogged out
    12/09/202269Cyruslogged in
    12/09/202269-current turn timer changed by +18h 59m to 25h 04m.
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yelogged out
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yescore decreased to 182 (-4)
    12/09/202269Lieu-Yelogged in
    12/08/202269Pericleslogged out
    12/08/202269Periclesfinished turn
    12/08/202269Periclesscore decreased to 195 (-8)
    12/08/202269Pericleslogged in
    12/08/202269Darius Ilogged out
    12/08/202269Darius Ilogged in
    12/08/202269Darius Ilogged out
    12/08/202269Darius Ifinished turn
    12/08/202269Darius Iscore increased to 183 (+4)
    12/08/202269Darius Ilogged in
    12/08/202269Cyruslogged out
    12/08/202269Cyrusfinished turn
    12/08/202269Cyruslogged in
    12/08/202269Rooseveltlogged out
    12/08/202269Periclesscore increased to 203 (+12)
    12/08/202269Cyrusscore increased to 161 (+4)
    12/08/202269Huayna Capacscore increased to 164 (+12)
    12/08/202269Darius Iscore increased to 179 (+4)
    12/08/202269Lieu-Yescore increased to 186 (+21)
    12/08/202269-a new turn has begun. It is now 1240 BC