Realms Beyond 57

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The game ended in a 3-way draw between Pindicator, TheBlackSword and Old Harry.

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You need the mod 'RtR_5.1.1.1' for joining in this game.
Current used version: RtR_5.1.1.1 Charriu's development thread: Here
Unzip the file into the mods folder of Civ4:BTS (not into 'My Games\Beyond the Sword'!!!) and edit the shortcut for the game start to "[…]\Beyond the Sword\BTS_Wrapper.exe" mod= "RtR_5.1.1.1" or "[…]\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe" mod="RtR_5.1.1.1" Tools
Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe (Required for non-blocking of players)
BTS_Wrapper (Required for faster login)
- Normal game speed - Monarch difficulty - Unrestricted leaders - No technology trading - No vassal states - No tribal villages - No random events - True AI Diplo - Advanced start ancient era - City gifting: restricted to 1 city per peace treaty - Unit gifting: banned by game setting - Map trading: banned by game setting - Barbarians: on - Toroidal - Map: non-mirror - Map size: standard 100-120 - single landmass - no super-lush “contested” center/borders between players.

player summary

* 2 pindicatorAsokaAztec Empire2880offline
* 0 TBSNebuchadrezzar IIBabylonian Empire2721offline
1 OHPeterLego Empire2645offline
* 3 CornflakesRagnarAmerican Empire1359offline
* 4 GavagaiMao ZedongPersian Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 12:34 a.m.

    09/22/2021165-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    09/21/2021165-pause activated by Old_Harry
    09/20/2021165-a new turn has begun. It is now 1050 AD
    09/20/2021165-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=3)
    09/18/2021164Peterfinished turn
    09/18/2021164Peterscore decreased to 2645 (-17)
    09/16/2021164-a new turn has begun. It is now 1040 AD
    09/16/2021164-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=3)