Realms Beyond 59

Game End

Congratulations to Miguelito of the Vespertine Empire
Image of winning player. The game ended with a draw between Amicalola and Miguelito. Both had still winning chances.

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                Pitboss game of Realms Beyond with 25 players

Server url: , no password

Mod: You need the mod 'CloseToHome_2.0' for joining in this game.
Current used version: CloseToHome_2.0 (incl. Update 2 April, 2021)
Just for reference: Initial version of 2.0 without updates
Charriu's development thread for this version: Here
Unzip the file into the mods folder of Civ4:BTS (not into 'My Games\Beyond the Sword'!!!) and edit the shortcut for the game start to "[…]\Beyond the Sword\BTS_Wrapper.exe" mod= "CloseToHome_2.0" or "[…]\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe" mod="CloseToHome_2.0" Settings: See first post in the forum thread

Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe (Required for non-blocking of players)
BTS_Wrapper (Required for faster login)

player summary

23 IchabodHammurabiGerman Empire1offline
15 LazteuqMontezumaPersian Empire1offline
0 MiguelitoPacal IIFrench Empire1offline
21 CharriuRamesses IITown Empire1offline
3 MiguelitoRooseveltVespertine Empire1offline
4 civacShakaSumerian Empire1offline
18 DulllandVictoriaBabylonian Empire1offline
8 MjmdZara YaqobPortuguese Empire1offline
* 24 joshybravo963AsokaAmerican Empire0eliminated
* 13 SuperdeathCatherineChinese Empire0eliminated
* 14 SuperdeathCharlemagneIncan Empire0eliminated
* 7 RamkCyrus-X- Empire0eliminated
* 6 WhiskeyjackDarius INorthwest Tofenhioum0eliminated
* 17 Mr. CairoGenghis KhanOttoman Empire0eliminated
* 1 TarkeelHannibalMiskatonic Valley0eliminated
* 5 Number 6Joao IIThe Village0eliminated
* 10 GeneralKilCavalryJulius CaesarBARBARBAR0eliminated
* 9 ATJustinian IBattleBots Empire0eliminated
* 2 JowyKublai KhanByzantine Empire0eliminated
* 22 CommodoreLieu-YeRoman Empire0eliminated
* 11 pindicatorLincolnThe Shire0eliminated
* 20 CornflakesPericlesNative American Empire0eliminated
* 12 ElkadSan MartinEnglish Empire0eliminated
* 16 Professor Fate (DZ)Sitting BullSpanish Empire0eliminated
* 19 PiccadillyWillem van OranjeMalinese Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 12:21 a.m.

    03/14/2022251-pause deactivated by Charriu
    03/14/2022251-pause activated by Charriu
    03/14/2022251-a new turn has begun. It is now 1705 AD
    03/14/2022250-pause deactivated by Charriu
    03/12/2022250-pause activated by Charriu
    03/12/2022250-current turn timer changed by +45h 00m to 50h 41m.
    03/11/2022250-turn timer changed to 960 hours.
    03/11/2022250-current turn timer changed by +10h 00m to 14h 26m.
    03/10/2022250-current turn timer changed by +22h 00m to 30h 13m.
    03/08/2022250Zara Yaqoblogged out
    03/08/2022250Zara Yaqobfinished turn
    03/08/2022250Zara Yaqoblogged in
    03/07/2022250-a new turn has begun. It is now 1700 AD