Oldschool Pitboss

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Congratulations to Yuck of the Glorious Indian Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 1705 AD, Yuck led the Glorious Indian Empire people to a diplomatic victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                Oldschool Pitboss

=== Connection details ===
Server url: pb.zulan.net:3070, No password
Join over the 'Multiplayer > Direct IP' panel in the game.

=== Mod links ===
This game runs with a mod named PBMod_v10.

=== Mod folder === Extract the zip archives of mods always into following folder
[…]\Beyond the Sword\Mods\ (Steam-free version) or
[…]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods (Steam version)

=== Game start with mod === Do not select the mod after the startup in the ingame menu, but directly start the game with the desired modification. (Otherwise the wrapper, see below, will not work as expected. For this you need to create a shortcut (right mouse click on the binary) and then changing the target field of this shortcut to

"[…]\Beyond the Sword\BTS_Wrapper.exe" mod= "PBMod_v10" or "[…]\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe" mod="PBMod_v10"

========= Tools =========

Technically, the game works without these tools but all players of the game will profit if you use them! They remove the two most annoying problems.

Copy these files into the installation directory of Civ4:BTS. If you're using the Steam version, and the multiplayer sections does not show the 'Direct IP' bullet point, start the game with the binary below. It is (almost) the old binary without Steam dependencies.
If this does not work, switch the game version in the Steam library settings of the game.

1. The new binary.
Only with this binary can more than one player join a PB server. Otherwise, other players will be blocked.
Download: Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe

2. The 'wrapper' binary
This tool is needed to speed up the login. It can reduce the time needed for joining from several minutes to seconds. At the beginning of a PB you will think it is not required, but the save file size is growing with each turn.
Internally it will load Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe (or Civ4BeyondSword.exe) Because of this we included above exe to be sure that both is installed.
Download: BTS_Wrapper

player summary

0 YuckDe GaulleGlorious Indian Empire4019offline
2 GibronSuryavarman IIGreat Pretorian Empire2049offline
1 Yuck's VassalBismarckRise Svobodneho Sveta1535offline
3 Yuck vassal 2CatherineRise Svobodneho Sveta601offline
* 7 BrennusBrennusAmerican Empire492unclaimed
* 5 TokugawaTokugawaChinese Empire287unclaimed
* 6 CharlemagneCharlemagneGerman Empire283unclaimed
* 9 AsokaAsokaGreek Empire0eliminated
* 8 LincolnLincolnViking Empire0eliminated
* 4 Ramesses IIRamesses IIMongolian Empire0eliminated

game log

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 2:38 p.m.

    04/10/2024251-pause activated by Yuck
    04/10/2024251Brennusscore increased to 492 (+3)
    04/10/2024251Charlemagnescore increased to 283 (+5)
    04/10/2024251Tokugawascore increased to 287 (+18)
    04/10/2024251Catherinescore increased to 601 (+1)
    04/10/2024251Suryavarman IIscore increased to 2049 (+35)
    04/10/2024251Bismarckscore increased to 1535 (+15)
    04/10/2024251De Gaullescore increased to 4019 (+26)
    04/10/2024251-a new turn has begun. It is now 1705 AD
    04/10/2024250Catherinefinished turn
    04/10/2024250Suryavarman IIfinished turn
    04/10/2024250Bismarckfinished turn
    04/10/2024250De Gaullefinished turn
    04/10/2024250-the game was reloaded on year 1700 AD
    04/07/2024250Suryavarman IIscore decreased to 2014 (-61)
    04/07/2024250Brennusscore increased to 489 (+18)
    04/07/2024250Tokugawascore increased to 269 (+4)
    04/07/2024250Catherinescore increased to 600 (+5)
    04/07/2024250Suryavarman IIscore increased to 2075 (+23)
    04/07/2024250Bismarckscore increased to 1520 (+13)
    04/07/2024250De Gaullescore increased to 3993 (+24)
    04/07/2024250-a new turn has begun. It is now 1700 AD
    04/07/2024250-the following players did not finished their turn:
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    • (id=1)
    • (id=2)
    • (id=3)