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                === Connection details ===
Server url:, No password
Join over the 'Multiplayer > Direct IP' panel in the game.

=== Mod links ===
This game runs with the same mod as RB74. Download: RB74

=== Mod folder === Extract the zip archives of mods always into following folder
[…]\Beyond the Sword\Mods\ (Steam-free version) or
[…]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Mods (Steam version)

=== Game start with mod === Do not select the mod after the startup in the ingame menu, but directly start the game with the desired modification. (Otherwise the wrapper, see below, will not work as expected. For this you need to create a shortcut (right mouse click on the binary) and then changing the target field of this shortcut to

"[…]\Beyond the Sword\BTS_Wrapper.exe" mod= "RB74" or "[…]\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe" mod="RB74"

========= Tools =========

See PBSpy page for RB64

player summary

0 scooterAsokaEgyptian Empire1offline
* 8 GTBoudicaEthiopian Empire1offline
* 3 greenlineCatherineCiv6ian Empire1offline
* 7 RicketyclikHuayna CapacIncan Empire1offline
* 2 SuperdeathKublai KhanRoman Empire1offline
* 5 coldrainNapoleonOur Fish Means Death1offline
* 1 Mjmd`Nebuchadnezzar IIIndian Empire1offline
6 naufragarSuleimanMoralintern1offline
9 ljubljanaTokugawaNew Zululand1offline
4 GingerWashingtonOttoman Empire1offline

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 1:12 p.m.

    06/25/2024 05:52:10193Superdeathlogged out
    06/25/2024 05:50:39193Superdeathlogged in
    06/25/2024 04:33:22193Mjmd`logged out
    06/25/2024 04:25:45193Mjmd`finished turn
    06/25/2024 03:57:58193Mjmd`logged in
    06/25/2024 02:29:54193greenlinelogged out
    06/25/2024 02:29:44193greenlinefinished turn
    06/25/2024 02:27:32193greenlinelogged in
    06/25/2024 01:41:14193Gingerlogged out
    06/25/2024 01:26:10193Gingerlogged in
    06/25/2024 01:00:56193Superdeathlogged out
    06/25/2024 00:59:55193Superdeathfinished turn
    06/25/2024 00:49:14193-a new turn has begun. It is now 1330 AD
    06/25/2024 00:49:03192Superdeathfinished turn
    06/25/2024 00:38:53192Superdeathlogged in
    06/25/2024 00:04:54192ljubljanalogged out
    06/24/2024 23:34:55192ljubljanafinished turn
    06/24/2024 20:05:54192ljubljanalogged in
    06/24/2024 14:52:34192scooterlogged out
    06/24/2024 14:52:23192scooterfinished turn
    06/24/2024 14:47:39192scooterlogged in
    06/24/2024 14:44:38192Mjmd`logged out
    06/24/2024 14:40:13192Mjmd`finished turn
    06/24/2024 14:31:35192greenlinelogged out
    06/24/2024 14:31:25192greenlinefinished turn
    06/24/2024 14:29:53192greenlinelogged in
    06/24/2024 14:12:06192naufragarlogged out
    06/24/2024 14:11:15192naufragarfinished turn
    06/24/2024 14:04:18192Mjmd`logged in
    06/24/2024 13:51:05192naufragarlogged in
    06/24/2024 13:19:58192Gingerlogged out
    06/24/2024 13:10:59192Gingerfinished turn
    06/24/2024 13:05:35192Gingerlogged in
    06/24/2024 07:41:22192Gingerlogged out
    06/24/2024 07:18:20192-a new turn has begun. It is now 1320 AD