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Congratulations to STOJE PEDERI KEK STE SJEBALI of the American Empire
Image of winning player. In 1958 AD STOJE PEDERI KEK STE SJEBALI and Potato led the American Empire and the Celtic Empire to a Space Race Victory and will be forever remembered as the greatest rulers in all of human history!

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23 STOJE PEDERI KEK STE SJEBALILincolnAmerican Empire3547unclaimed
6 PotatoBrennusCeltic Empire3466offline
19 Wang KonWang KonKorean Empire2322unclaimed
26 WinterfoxGenghis KhanMongolian Empire2281unclaimed
15 FranTokugawaJapanese Empire2183unclaimed
3 IsabellaIsabellaSpanish Empire2123unclaimed
13 FraneMontezumaAztec Empire2023unclaimed
25 Justinian IJustinian IByzantine Empire1901unclaimed
18 AsokaAsokaIndian Empire1824unclaimed
9 Mansa MusaMansa MusaMalinese Empire1776unclaimed
14 Willem van OranjeWillem van OranjeDutch Empire1682unclaimed
21 HannibalHannibalCarthaginian Empire1628unclaimed
16 MarinoSuleimanOttoman Empire1591unclaimed
10 HatshepsutHatshepsutEgyptian Empire1562unclaimed
33 MislavBismarckGerman Empire1559unclaimed
28 Sitting BullSitting BullNative American Empire1359unclaimed
24 ChurchillChurchillEnglish Empire1281unclaimed
17 Mao ZedongMao ZedongChinese Empire1264unclaimed
5 AlexanderAlexanderGreek Empire1116unclaimed
30 ShakaShakaZulu Empire1012unclaimed
* 29 Augustus CaesarAugustus CaesarRoman Empire0eliminated
* 11 CharlemagneCharlemagneHoly Roman Empire0eliminated
* 12 dejakCyrusPersian Empire0eliminated
* 8 GilgameshGilgameshSumerian Empire0eliminated
* 22 HammurabiHammurabiBabylonian Empire0eliminated
* 1 Huayna CapacHuayna CapacIncan Empire0eliminated
* 31 Joao IIJoao IIPortuguese Empire0eliminated
* 20 NapoleonNapoleonFrench Empire0eliminated
* 2 Pacal IIPacal IIMaya Empire0eliminated
* 7 PeterPeterRussian Empire0eliminated
* 4 ninjasRagnarViking Empire0eliminated
* 0 SaladinSaladinArabian Empire0eliminated
* 32 Suryavarman IISuryavarman IIKhmer Empire0eliminated
* 27 Zara YaqobZara YaqobEthiopian Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 2:07 p.m.

    04/08/2017378Suryavarman IIeliminated
    04/08/2017378Suryavarman IIchanged name to Suryavarman II
    04/08/2017378Joao IIeliminated
    04/08/2017378Joao IIchanged name to Joao II
    04/08/2017378Shakascore increased to 1012 (+969)
    04/08/2017378Shakaconverted to AI
    04/08/2017378Shakachanged name to Shaka
    04/08/2017378Augustus Caesareliminated
    04/08/2017378Augustus Caesarchanged name to Augustus Caesar
    04/08/2017378Sitting Bullscore increased to 1359 (+1348)
    04/08/2017378Sitting Bullchanged name to Sitting Bull
    04/08/2017378Zara Yaqobeliminated
    04/08/2017378Zara Yaqobchanged name to Zara Yaqob
    04/08/2017378Genghis Khanscore increased to 2281 (+2270)
    04/08/2017378Genghis Khanchanged name to Winterfox
    04/08/2017378Justinian Iscore increased to 1901 (+1890)
    04/08/2017378Churchillscore increased to 1281 (+1270)
    04/08/2017378Churchillchanged name to Churchill
    04/08/2017378Lincolnscore increased to 3547 (+3536)
    04/08/2017378Lincolnchanged name to STOJE PEDERI KEK STE SJEBALI
    04/08/2017378Hammurabichanged name to Hammurabi
    04/08/2017378Hannibalscore increased to 1628 (+1592)
    04/08/2017378Hannibalconverted to AI
    04/08/2017378Hannibalchanged name to Hannibal
    04/08/2017378Napoleonchanged name to Napoleon
    04/08/2017378Wang Konscore increased to 2322 (+2311)
    04/08/2017378Wang Konconverted to AI
    04/08/2017378Wang Konchanged name to Wang Kon
    04/08/2017378Asokascore increased to 1824 (+1813)
    04/08/2017378Asokachanged name to Asoka
    04/08/2017378Mao Zedongscore increased to 1264 (+1253)
    04/08/2017378Mao Zedongchanged name to Mao Zedong
    04/08/2017378Suleimanscore increased to 1591 (+1580)
    04/08/2017378Suleimanchanged name to Marino
    04/08/2017378Tokugawascore increased to 2183 (+2172)
    04/08/2017378Tokugawachanged name to Fran
    04/08/2017378Willem van Oranjescore increased to 1682 (+1671)
    04/08/2017378Willem van Oranjechanged name to Willem van Oranje
    04/08/2017378Montezumascore increased to 2023 (+2012)
    04/08/2017378Montezumachanged name to Frane
    04/08/2017378Cyruschanged name to dejak
    04/08/2017378Charlemagnechanged name to Charlemagne
    04/08/2017378Hatshepsutscore increased to 1562 (+1551)
    04/08/2017378Hatshepsutchanged name to Hatshepsut
    04/08/2017378Mansa Musascore increased to 1776 (+1765)
    04/08/2017378Mansa Musachanged name to Mansa Musa
    04/08/2017378Gilgameshfinished turn
    04/08/2017378Gilgameshchanged name to Gilgamesh
    04/08/2017378Peterchanged name to Peter
    04/08/2017378Brennusscore increased to 3466 (+3424)
    04/08/2017378Brennuschanged name to Potato
    04/08/2017378Alexanderscore increased to 1116 (+1105)
    04/08/2017378Alexanderchanged name to Alexander
    04/08/2017378Ragnarfinished turn
    04/08/2017378Ragnarchanged name to ninjas
    04/08/2017378Isabellascore increased to 2123 (+2112)
    04/08/2017378Isabellachanged name to Isabella
    04/08/2017378Pacal IIeliminated
    04/08/2017378Pacal IIchanged name to Pacal II
    04/08/2017378Huayna Capaceliminated
    04/08/2017378Huayna Capacchanged name to Huayna Capac
    04/08/2017378Saladinchanged name to Saladin
    04/08/2017378-turn timer changed to 20 hours.
    04/08/2017378-a new turn has begun. It is now 1958 AD
    04/08/2017378-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=4)
    • (id=8)
    • (id=19)
    04/01/2017378Bismarckscore decreased to 1559 (-41)
    04/01/2017378Joao IIeliminated
    04/01/2017378Shakascore decreased to 1012 (-1)
    04/01/2017378Sitting Bullscore increased to 1359 (+37)
    04/01/2017378Genghis Khanscore decreased to 2281 (-107)
    04/01/2017378Justinian Iscore increased to 1901 (+41)
    04/01/2017378Churchillscore decreased to 1281 (-1)
    04/01/2017378Lincolnscore increased to 3547 (+209)
    04/01/2017378Hannibalscore increased to 1628 (+20)
    04/01/2017378Wang Konscore increased to 2322 (+224)
    04/01/2017378Asokascore decreased to 1824 (-3)
    04/01/2017378Mao Zedongscore increased to 1264 (+8)
    04/01/2017378Suleimanscore increased to 1591 (+35)
    04/01/2017378Tokugawascore increased to 2183 (+65)
    04/01/2017378Willem van Oranjescore decreased to 1682 (-267)
    04/01/2017378Montezumascore decreased to 2023 (-337)
    04/01/2017378Hatshepsutscore increased to 1562 (+108)
    04/01/2017378Mansa Musascore increased to 1776 (+169)
    04/01/2017378Brennusscore increased to 3466 (+418)
    04/01/2017378Alexanderscore increased to 1116 (+209)
    04/01/2017378Isabellascore decreased to 2123 (-57)
    04/01/2017378Pacal IIeliminated
    04/01/2017378-a new turn has begun. It is now 1958 AD
    04/01/2017378-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=6)