PB Cup, Round 3, Zulan — Dullland

Game End

Congratulations to zulan of the Russian Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 400 BC, zulan led the Russian Empire people to a victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                Port 2032

31. 10. Abgabe des Spiels aufgrund von Zeitproblemen von Mauz an Dullland.

player summary

* 0 zulanPeterRussian Empire1045offline
1 DulllandPeterRussian Empire600offline

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 2:14 p.m.

    12/18/201665-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    12/18/201665-game resumed by player.
    12/18/201665-the game was reloaded on year 400 BC
    12/18/201665-pause activated by unknown user
    12/17/201665Peterlogged out
    12/17/201665Peterfinished turn
    12/17/201665Peterscore increased to 1045 (+52)
    12/17/201665-the game was reloaded on year 400 BC
    12/17/201665Peterscore decreased to 993 (-78)
    12/17/201665Peterscore increased to 1071 (+26)
    12/17/201665Peterscore decreased to 600 (-52)
    12/17/201665Peterlogged in
    12/16/201665Peterlogged out
    12/16/201665Peterfinished turn
    12/16/201665-a new turn has begun. It is now 400 BC
    12/16/201664Peterlogged in
    12/15/201664Peterlogged out
    12/15/201664Peterfinished turn
    12/15/201664Peterscore increased to 1045 (+26)
    12/15/201664-the game was reloaded on year 440 BC
    12/15/201664Peterlogged in
    12/14/201664Peterlogged out
    12/14/201664Peterfinished turn
    12/14/201664Peterscore increased to 652 (+52)
    12/14/201664-a new turn has begun. It is now 440 BC