Pitboss 82

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Congratulations to Suite of the American Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 1790 AD, Suite led the American Empire people to a domination victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                01.01.2018: Neue Mod-Version

Port: 2082

Regeln: https://www.civforum.de/showthread.php?104998-PB-82-Beeline-Satellitentechnologie!&p=7769928&viewfull=1#post7769928

player summary

0 SuiteWashingtonAmerican Empire5183offline
2 CocoRicoRamesses IIEgyptian Empire3166offline
3 TeeRohrCyrusIlkanaht2531offline
* 1 Rob4JPBismarckGerman Empire0eliminated
* 6 FlunkyJustinian IByzantine Empire0eliminated
* 5 EmpirateLouis XIVFrench Empire0eliminated
* 4 metalPericlesGreek Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 12:43 a.m.

    07/29/2018268Cyrusscore decreased to 2531 (-4)
    07/29/2018268-a new turn has begun. It is now 1790 AD
    07/29/2018268-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=0)
    • (id=2)
    • (id=3)
    07/27/2018267Cyrusscore increased to 2535 (+16)
    07/27/2018267-a new turn has begun. It is now 1785 AD
    07/27/2018267-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=0)
    • (id=2)
    • (id=3)