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Congratulations to OH of the Chinese Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 1610 AD, OH led the Chinese Empire people to a victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                == RB42 ==
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Mod archive: RtR_4.0.9.2

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9 GavagaiMao ZedongIncan Empire2476offline
2 OHIsabellaChinese Empire2290offline
* 6 KrillBismarckPortuguese Empire1975offline
1 Mr. CairoJulius CaesarAztec Empire1063offline
* 8 superdeathHuayna CapacWizards Of The Coast696offline
3 Lewwyn (superjm sub)Qin Shi HuangDepression Isle636offline
* 7 superjmSaladinRoman Caliphate0eliminated
* 5 ElkadStalinEnchanted Forest0eliminated
* 0 OT4ETokugawaFrench Empire0eliminated
* 4 Donovan ZoiWillem van OranjeArabian Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 3:02 p.m.

    06/12/2019232-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    06/09/2019232Isabellalogged out
    06/09/2019232-game paused by player.
    06/09/2019232-game resumed by player.
    06/09/2019232Isabellalogged in
    06/09/2019232-pause activated by Old_Harry
    06/09/2019232Bismarcklogged out
    06/09/2019232Bismarckfinished turn
    06/09/2019232Bismarcklogged in
    06/09/2019232Huayna Capaclogged out
    06/09/2019232Huayna Capacfinished turn
    06/09/2019232Huayna Capacscore decreased to 696 (-2)
    06/09/2019232Huayna Capaclogged in
    06/09/2019232Isabellalogged out
    06/09/2019232Mao Zedongscore increased to 2476 (+4)
    06/09/2019232Huayna Capacscore increased to 698 (+2)
    06/09/2019232Bismarckscore increased to 1975 (+2)
    06/09/2019232Qin Shi Huangscore increased to 636 (+3)
    06/09/2019232Isabellascore increased to 2290 (+22)
    06/09/2019232Julius Caesarscore increased to 1063 (+11)
    06/09/2019232-a new turn has begun. It is now 1610 AD
    06/09/2019231Isabellascore decreased to 2268 (-4)
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged in
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged out
    06/08/2019231-game resumed by player.
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged in
    06/08/2019231Isabellachanged name to OH
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged out
    06/08/2019231-game paused by player.
    06/08/2019231-current turn timer changed by +1h 59m to 4h 45m.
    06/08/2019231Isabellascore decreased to 2272 (-10)
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedongscore decreased to 2472 (-17)
    06/08/2019231Isabellascore increased to 2282 (+10)
    06/08/2019231Isabellascore decreased to 2272 (-23)
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedongscore decreased to 2489 (-27)
    06/08/2019231Isabellascore increased to 2295 (+23)
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged in
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged out
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged in
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarlogged out
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarfinished turn
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1052 (-9)
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1061 (-4)
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1065 (-9)
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1074 (-7)
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1081 (-5)
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedongscore decreased to 2516 (-36)
    06/08/2019231Julius Caesarlogged in
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged out
    06/08/2019231Isabellalogged in
    06/08/2019231Isabellachanged name to Hitru
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedonglogged out
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedongfinished turn
    06/08/2019231Mao Zedonglogged in
    06/08/2019231Qin Shi Huanglogged out
    06/08/2019231Qin Shi Huangfinished turn
    06/08/2019231Qin Shi Huanglogged in
    06/08/2019231Huayna Capaclogged out
    06/08/2019231Huayna Capacfinished turn
    06/07/2019231Huayna Capacscore decreased to 696 (-5)
    06/07/2019231Huayna Capaclogged in
    06/07/2019231Mao Zedonglogged out
    06/07/2019231Mao Zedongscore increased to 2552 (+12)
    06/07/2019231Isabellascore decreased to 2272 (-22)
    06/07/2019231Mao Zedongscore increased to 2540 (+7)
    06/07/2019231Julius Caesarscore decreased to 1086 (-9)
    06/07/2019231Mao Zedonglogged in
    06/07/2019231Bismarcklogged out
    06/07/2019231Bismarckfinished turn
    06/07/2019231Bismarcklogged in
    06/07/2019231Isabellalogged out
    06/07/2019231Mao Zedongscore increased to 2533 (+25)
    06/07/2019231Huayna Capacscore increased to 701 (+14)
    06/07/2019231Bismarckscore increased to 1973 (+37)
    06/07/2019231Qin Shi Huangscore increased to 633 (+2)
    06/07/2019231Isabellascore increased to 2294 (+46)
    06/07/2019231Julius Caesarscore increased to 1095 (+16)
    06/07/2019231-a new turn has begun. It is now 1605 AD