Realms Beyond 43

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Congratulations to Mr. Cairo of the Florida Man
Image of winning player. In the year 1941 AD, Mr. Cairo led the Florida Man people to a cultural victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                == RB43 ==
Server url:
Mod archive: RtR_4.0.8.5

Thread for server issues: Click

RtR mod:
Difficulty: Emperor
Speed: Normal
Era: Ancient
Turn speed: 24 hours/turn
Vassals: off
TT: off
Huts: off
Events: off
Barbs: on, normal
Espionage: on

player summary

2 SuperdeathPeterPrussia3282offline
3 wetbanditNapoleonViking Empire3003offline
5 JR4PericlesAztec Empire2708offline
6 Donovan ZoiCatherineZulu Empire2106offline
0 Mr. CairoJulius CaesarFlorida Man1925offline
* 1 ElkadMehmed IIGerman Empire0eliminated
* 4 CornflakesRamesses IIIncan Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 3:28 a.m.

    04/28/2020361-a new turn has begun. It is now 1941 AD
    04/28/2020361-the following players did not finished their turn:
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    • (id=2)
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    • (id=5)
    • (id=6)
    04/26/2020360-a new turn has begun. It is now 1940 AD
    04/26/2020360-the following players did not finished their turn:
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    • (id=2)
    • (id=3)
    • (id=5)