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Congratulations to Cornflakes of the Babylonian Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 175 AD, Cornflakes led the Babylonian Empire people to a domination victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                Sequential PB on Australia map 

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No password

If it crashs during the login, check out if the mod is up to date!

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Tools: Civ4BeyondSword2015.exe (Required for non-blocking of players)
BTS_Wrapper (Required for faster login)

player summary

1 CornflakesLincolnBabylonian Empire2208offline
* 2 YuriHannibalEgyptian Empire1252offline
* 3 scooterPericlesRoman Empire815offline
* 0 SuperdeathBoudicaAmerican Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 2:47 p.m.

    07/10/2020122-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    07/09/2020122Periclesfinished turn
    07/09/2020122Periclesscore increased to 815 (+68)
    07/09/2020122-a new turn has begun. It is now 175 AD
    07/09/2020122-the following players did not finished their turn:
    • (id=3)
    07/08/2020121Hannibalfinished turn
    07/08/2020121Hannibalscore increased to 1252 (+103)
    07/07/2020121Lincolnfinished turn
    07/07/2020121Lincolnscore increased to 2208 (+34)
    07/06/2020121Pericleslogged out
    07/06/2020121Periclesfinished turn
    07/06/2020121Periclesscore increased to 747 (+34)
    07/06/2020121-a new turn has begun. It is now 150 AD