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Congratulations to Plemo of the Dutch Empire
Image of winning player. In the year 1100 AD, Plemo led the Dutch Empire people to a domination victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

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                Base Civ4:BTS game

=== Server url ===
No password

== Mod install instructions ==
You need the mod 'PB Mod_v9' for joining in this game.
A short installation description can be found in this post

== Players ==
0 Plemo Ragnar/Netherlands
1 El Grillo Hannibal/Egypt
2 Ramkhamhaeng Wang Kon/Mali
3 Mjmd Elizabeth/Korea
4 Amicalola Mao Zedong/Inca
5 Lazteuq Pericles/France
6 Vanrober Kublai Khan/Zulu 
7 Giraflorens Rameses II / Persia
8 GeneralKilCavalry Napoleon/INDIA
9 Superdeath Shaka/Rome

== Settings ==
Fractal Pangaea with lots of lakes that looks kind of like a fritter...
Monarch level
Mapsize and other settings at mapmaker's discretion.
No villages, events, vassal states, technology trading.
Normal barbs
All scout and no war until 25

== Bans ==
AP resolutions, blockades, active espionage (espionage is enabled in settings but no spies can be built; no limits on Great Spies), nukes, War Elephants, city and unit gifting (including city transfer as a part of a peace treaty).
GLH, SoZ, Corporations.

== Rules ==
AI Diplo. No communication with other players in respect to in-game events other than offers in trade window. No use of texts, city names, unit names, numbers (specific amounts of gold) to communicate.
Otherwise, please follow etiquette rules as described in this thread.

player summary

* 0 PlemoRagnarDutch Empire1627offline
* 5 LazteuqPericlesFrench Empire1323offline
* 1 El GrilloHannibalEgyptian Empire1300offline
* 2 RamkhamhaengWang KonMalinese Empire1120offline
9 SuperdeathShakaRoman Empire727offline
* 8 ZooperPooperNapoleonIndian Empire665offline
* 6 VanroberKublai KhanZulu Empire440offline
3 MjmdElizabethKorean Empire300offline
* 4 AmicalolaMao ZedongIncan Empire0eliminated
* 7 GiraRamesses IIPersian Empire0eliminated

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    Actual timezone: Europe/Berlin

    Server time: 2:44 a.m.

    08/27/2020170-game saved by Ramkhamhaeng
    08/23/2020170-pause activated by superdeath
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged out
    08/23/2020170Ragnarfinished turn
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged in
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged out
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged in
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged out
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1627 (-3)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1630 (-14)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1644 (-3)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1647 (-4)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1651 (-3)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1654 (-11)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore decreased to 1665 (-3)
    08/23/2020170Ragnarlogged in
    08/23/2020170Ragnarscore increased to 1668 (+55)
    08/23/2020170-a new turn has begun. It is now 1100 AD
    08/22/2020169Ragnarlogged out
    08/22/2020169Ragnarfinished turn
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1613 (-7)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore increased to 1620 (+7)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1613 (-7)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1620 (-7)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1627 (-3)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1630 (-4)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1634 (-3)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore decreased to 1637 (-76)
    08/22/2020169Ragnarlogged in
    08/22/2020169Ragnarlogged out
    08/22/2020169Ragnarscore increased to 1713 (+41)
    08/22/2020169-a new turn has begun. It is now 1090 AD